Library Notes

So Many Lokis

by Alissa Lee Dornink Hawes

I had been waiting all year for June, ever since Disney announced the Loki miniseries would be available on demand. Wednesdays (or Loki Day as I started calling it) were the highlight of the week when I could sit down and finally watch the next episode.

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The Library as Gathering Space

by Sheila Schofer

Over the last decade, the library’s role as community gathering space has becoming increasingly clearer.  As e-books and downloadable content took off and libraries’ digital collections grew, some wondered whether the library would continue to exist. I always reassu...

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What Will You Read Next?

by Cathy Cooney

With so many fantastic books in the world, and in the library, how do you narrow down your options? Some readers choose what to read based on their mood. Others go through phases where they only pick one type of book. (I once read nothing but cozy mysteries for 2 years.) S...

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Oh the (In)Humanity

by Seth Warburton

Books give readers the opportunity to look through the eyes of all sorts of people, and sometimes even take the point of view of characters that aren’t “people” at all.  Animal characters, for example, are a staple of children’s literature.  They make for cute illus...

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